JNJ Services EducationStaying abreast of changes within your industry of expertise is no small challenge. With ever changing headlines, regulations, and expectations, it’s difficult to keep up. JNJ is here to assist in keeping you compliant with all of your industry’s requirements.

CE courses are mandatory, but what about the other training needs of organizations? Training on topics such as customer service, cultural competency, and workplace violence are subjects that are relevant in all sectors. Through our strategic partnerships, JNJ is poised to organize, manage, and implement customized training and continuing education courses for your organization. Off-site meetings, seminars, and conferences are just a few of the ways we can combine your training and continuing education needs with well organized, thoughtfully planned gatherings for your employees and clients. JNJ has certified instructors who conduct training on the most specific to the broadest of topics.

Our goal is for our clients to walk away from our training with more than text book comprehension. We want you to have practical knowledge that can be applied in your daily work processes.

Do you have a topic of interest that you want to provide training on? Contact us today and find out how JNJ Services can plan your next CE course and training session.

Practical Knowledge. Simple Solutions.


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