???Your first step in cost management containment???

Diagnostics is the initial step to an effective treatment plan; therefore JNJ will schedule your referral within four hours and you will receive the results back within 48 hours of completion. Through our network of credentialed providers we are able to save you valuable time as well as provide a cost effective solution for your claims. There are too many options to list however some of the most common services are conveniently listed below:

  • MRI Services Open/ Closed/Stand-up/Fixed Mobile
  • Computed Tomography 3D Spiral
  • 64 Multi-slice Dual Source
  • Electro Diagnostics EMG ??? Electromyogram
  • NCS ??? Nerve Conduction Study X-Rays
  • Arthrograms Bone Scans
  • Bone Density Studies Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan
  • Myelography Fluoroscopy
  • Mammography Age of Injury & Second Opinion
  • Ultrasound



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